What is so shameful about it?

A couple of weeks ago The New Sunday Times ran an exclusive about couples using rather unorthodox way of eternalising their wedding day – having nude wedding photos taken. Well, there is always a thin line dividing art and obscenity, especially when professional photographers are involved. The photos, as shown in the NST were of course beautifully taken and cafefully angled so as not to expose anything offensive. But you never know. One could always have a Caligula’s view at everything. They are professionals mind you. But nudity is nudity, no matter how you look at it. Of course there were the usual lively discussions,  pro and cons letters published by the paper. The criticisms came thick and fast and the defenders were well equipped too. Today, one of the consenting participants of the photos wrote back to the paper, defending their actions. She wrote that whatever she did with her husband or whatever their understandings were has nothing to do with anyone else. We must respect each other’s body whether naked or clothed. Ummph… of course, one cannot argue with that. Furthermore, she said, nudity is an art form is far from what is immoral in today’s society. She is referring to an earlier attack who accused her and her husband as immoral. Looking at it from a bigger perspective, she further argued that, the rich who stole from the poor are immoral, those who pushed drugs on the streets are immoral, those who fights for child marriages are immoral… No animal was harmed in the course of their nude photo session, no blood was shed, no drugs or alcohol was consumed, no child was harmed. So what is the fuss all about? It is nothing immoral. Shut up you. It is our lives, we can  do whatever we want with it. As long as we do not harm anyone, it is not immoral.  It is all about two consenting fair minded adults deciding to bare their well honed bodies as a sign of mutual understanding to celebrate their joyous union. Yeah, no blood was shed, no child was harmed, no animal was sacrificied. So what the heck you are ranting about?. I reckon soon, the days of wedding photos on the staircase of the townhall, on the edge of Empangan Batu, or on the Tasik Biru’s front, or at the beach at dusk, or on the padi fileds would be gone. Instead, the photo session would be an 18SX affair opened only to the bride , groom and the filming crews. Next they would be two consenting adults having had their sex sessions filmed as a part of their wedding remembrance. Why should people complaint. We are not harming anyone – two consenting adults, remember? I just hoped that when all the sweetnes of marriage had gone and the acrimony of divorce procedures began to take shape, these so called “unique way of two consenting adults to express their absolute trust in their union” would not be used as a court weapon against each other. Worse still it would become an internet sensation as soon as the session is over. Many people in the past have regretted their decision to record their most intimate moments with the sexual partner. Recent Malaysian  history is littered with stories of couples fighting to ward off their intimate sessions becoming an 18SX movies on the internet – a futile effort definitely.  An old friend reminded me many years ago, your partner maybe your greatest ally today, he/she  could turn out to be your bitterest enemy one day. Meanwhile, our corner photo cum handphone shops may now have to provide bedroom scenario complete with dry ice and sauna like atmosphere in their studios to cater for this latest fad. And plug all those nails holes on the walls. Allah help us.


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