Botak head and kain pelikat - potent combination!
Botak head and kain pelikat - potent combination!

This blog is fed by someone born a few years after Merdeka in the black area of Perak where the communist insurgency was still fervently brewing. I have been literally viewing the world with one eye for many years, as a result of a divine intervention, who thought it would be better if I go on to live with one eye – hence the term “mata satu” – that was the identification term used to refer to me by friends and relatives back home then. It definitely limits my field of vision and hence skewing my view of things. Heck, I don’t see it as a handicap though. HE knows best. In fact, I used to tell others that I got through many hurdles in lives quite easily – I did it with one eye wide shut!!!.  The site would be scattered with my view of things that I felt I should comment. I was also a product of a boarding school and a confirmed beneficiary of the New Economic Policy (NEP) that financed my tertiary education in the former colonial master’s country- not to say that I am in favour of the way that the policy being exploited now. Being a boring and dutiful government servant may also further skewed my view. All civilised comments are welcomed, but, being brought up well mannered by my parents and teachers, I do not take too kindly to profanities and expletives. Please spare me.


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  1. Dropped in and decided to leave a few lines.
    Was searching for “muzakarah” and didn’t quite get the meaning. (some interpret as dialogue, I doubt if that is logically sound)
    By the way, thank you for your one eye views.

  2. Salam Tuan;
    We are an IT company that just presented to EduwebTV, BTP (En Shamsuddin, Mr Gilbert and few others) about a new solution that can solve the video streaming. However, during the presentation they did mention about shifting EDUWEBTV data center to Sentul from Cyberjaya due to the contract migrated from GiTN-Telekom Malaysia to YTL (I really upset when YTL involved, YTL is using a 4G spectrum and not a dedicated or fix lines). As you know GITN-VADS (Telekom Malaysia) in Cyberjaya has the biggest pipe (fibre optic – 50Mb to 100Mbps) in term of bandwidth in Malaysia. To me the problem is not the infrastructure but the Unicast Delivery System that makes the hosting server congested.

    All the while EDUWEBTV is using a Unicast Delivery, that cause the Hosting Server congested because each user requesting video streaming from the same server concurrently (eventhough BTP have 6 data center in 6 regions just to cater the end user traffic). Imagine a video streams at 512kbps and requested by 1000 users concurrently, the sum is equal to 512000kbps = 501.2 Mb. It is 10 times of 50Mb fibre optic line. Can Telekom Malaysia upgrade their data center up to 500Mb just for EDUWEBTV? Sure they can but the cost is sky high!!

    Our solution is using a Multicast Delivery method. How the delivery works?… Using a Multicast solution, only one video stream is sent to users in a particular region and the first user request the video stream will share with other users in the same region (let say in Shah Alam, Selangor) without other users requesting from the hosting server. With the Multicast Delivery Solution, you can stream your video to thousands and millions of users concurrently without failure. When using our solution a video will stream at 3 bitrates to cater for end users internet connection :
    a) low internet connection – we sent a 256kbps video
    b) medium internet connection – we sent a 512kbps video
    c) high internet connection – we sent a 1024kbps video

    Other benefits when using our solution:
    1. 100% Zero buffer with TV Streaming Quality
    2. Unlimited Concurrent Users
    3. Cost Saving as our solution is cloud environment
    – No investment in video storage (cloud storage)
    4. Easy to operate, maintain
    5. Migration to our solution is seamlessly without anyone realized.

    Our solution is suitable for :
    – Live Event Streaming, Live TV/Radio Streaming 24/7, Video On Demand (VOD).
    – Multiple end user paltform as opposed to MS Silverlight that only for Microsoft user.
    – Our solution works in both PC (Windows, Linux, Mac) and Mobile (Android, IOS)

    I can email to you our proposal to EDUWEBTV during our presentaton to BTP at Bukit Kiara last week.

    For inquires My hp 0123302784
    (Ahmad Farid @ Synchronet Sdn Bhd)

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