17/11/15 Ward 27.

I arrived at the emergency department on Monday 17/11 by 6.45am as promised. Had to go through another hour of  waiting and verification.

As I was wheeled to Ward 25, I asked the assistant who insisted that I took the wheelchair service. I told him that I am capable enough of walking. No she said, the rule is I must take the wheelchair. If anything ever happened, she is responsible.  I relented, after all it is not that often you get the chance to be wheeled in and out of places, unless you are an invalid, which is what I felt like that morning.

Ward 25 is on the 5th floor north wing of the main block. Typical of government hospital the place was buzzing. I noticed there were a lot more nurses and doctors than before. That was a few years ago when my son was warded for suspected dengue. We had to wait for while – almost 15 minutes. The staff nurse said, sorry no vacancy, the matron said moved me to Ward 27. So, again I was wheeled to Ward 27, a recently refurbished ward, looks very modern but very crowded. It looks like pasar  malam sans the tents.

The nurse said sorry there is no vacancy in Ward 27 as well. But the nurse from Ward 25 was very insistent, she was told by the matron to send this patient to ward 27. They already had triple extension, no more space. Yes there is a space, the matron said so. There was a bit of a stand off between the two. In the end the staff nurse from ward 27 relented since the matron gave the instruction, she would abide.

I was wheeled to a crowded corner of the ward and was told to use the stretcher as a temporary bed. So this is the term extension. Being a stretcher, it was higher than everybody else’s bed and I had the chance to look at the kind people in the ward. Furthermore, the “bed” was next to the doctors and nurses table, I can almost hear their discussions – which is not necessarily all pertaining to medical issues!

I was attended to by a Chindian MO who looks like a Malay but with a name Jason Saravanan Kumar. Mind you, The number of doctors running around in the ward is almost the same number as patients. Now I am beginning to believe the statistics that says by 2020 Malaysia would have an excess of doctors and nurses. Even today in this ward I can see their numbers, most of them are housemen/women. Dr. Jason asked me lots and lots of questions and took down copious notes. He had a young lady doctor with him who writes things down for him. She never said a word.

Then a coterie of doctors came along with the specialist, Dr Ng. A real House MD clone. I can see a few of the doctors were terrified of him. He never minced his words, he even threw down my x-ray when one of the doctors could not answer him correctly. A classic House MD action.

By afternoon I was moved to bed 12, a proper bed, and a few minutes later to Bed 1, a quite corner of the ward. Dr Ng came again, this time only with a few doctors and he was super charming. I reckon he had to put on that facade in the morning to impress upon the new doctors the importance of doctors making the right decisions based on reality, not on something you learn through the internet. He explained that they are investigating on several lines of possibilities viz blocked colon, renal weakness, liver problems, stones or even thyroid and pneumonia! Ouch!. And I am to be moved to Ward 28 in the evening.

Ward 28 is a two bed ward, terribly quiet since the other bed is empty. After the hustle and bustle of ward 27. This is a real haven, but I am bored. How I wish to be in this ward without the illness. A real hospital holiday.




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