15 November 2015. Emergency Department. Kuala Lumpur Hospital

Around 8pm on the 15th of November, my daughter probably have noticed that I am so listless and apparently in pain, virtually dragged me to KL Hospital. I have been postponing it quite a few times and in fact was planning to go the next day. The trouble is, my so called ailment seemed to come only in late afternoon until midnight. By late afternoon you an feel the tummy started to bulge as if it was pumped with helium and you hear it rumbling and groaning. It was a very uncomfortable situation. I was so bloated the girth started to measure to 38″ compared to the normal 36″. There was this nagging pain on the right side of the abdomen. The pain was more excruciating every time I bend over and took a deep breath. My earlier stones episode still fresh in my mind. Strangely, By morning I am as good as ever. I have been suffering from this for quite a few weeks now. Just the intensity was not so high.

As usual after going through all the rigmarole of registration and waiting, I was finally called to meet one Dr Fatimah. After some visual observation and the usual battery of questions she sent me for x-ray. The result was quite shocking. She said there is water in my tummy and my lungs. My colon is congested. Another strange observation as I never had any problem with bowel movement. Furthermore I hardly ate that much these days as the bloated tummy virtually killed my appetite. She insisted that I have to be warded. Before that I had to go for angiograph to check my heat condition. Alhamdullillah, the angio curves looked ok.

My experience living in hospital looking after my daughter was not a pleasant one. I plead for time. Please allow me to come the next morning so that I can make a proper preparation. Granted. Be at the hospital before 7am next morning. By then it was almost 11pm.

The new experience in my life really started the next morning.


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