Can Klopp drag Liverpool out of the quagmire?

We were quite surprised in these days of instant success Brendan Rodgers survived that long at Anfield. After his first quite successful season, which is quite normal due to the surprise effect. The real challenge is the second season onwards. What was termed as “second seasonitis” is also applicable to managers. They did very well in the first season but in the second season the performance dipped especially without  Louis Suarez. Rodgers underestimated the problem he is going to face with Balotelli. He was quite confident he can tamed the man to become a good striker that he could be. He failed miserably.

I  thought the Fenway Group would have replaced Rodgers in the summer, but I supposed a good performance during the summer preparatory games gave them some hope that things would turn around under Rodgers. But after a few weeks their patience ran out  and the draw at home with local rival Everton was the straw that broke the camel’s back. By the speed of Klopp’s appointment I believed they had already sounded him a few weeks earlier. They had already made their mind to replace Rodgers with Klopp a lot earlier.

Klopp’s first game was an uninspiring draw at Spurs. I did not see the so called “full throttle football” that  Klopp is famous for. It is early days yet. Then again I saw glimpses of what he can do. He gave Origi and Ibe a chance to prove themselves. A chance that Rodgers rarely gave. We are yet to see what Klopp can do to Liverpool. But with his experience in whipping up nearly boys into high performance horses, we can anticipate exciting times for Liverpool.


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