Stones go away, do not bother me anymore…

Tuesday was just another ordinary day. A few meetings have been concluded  and just before asar i had a cup of coffee while discussing upcoming financial meeting in Terengganu. It did not come quite as sudden but as I got up, the stab of pain on the right abdomen was really prominent and excruciating with even the slightest movement. I dismissed it as I believed it was temporary. I had a few bout of these pains recently and they quickly went away. The pain persisted even as I was doing the asar  prayer and even more prominent as I was doing the sujud. I tried smearing some ointment to reduce the pain but it did get any better. Then it dawned upon me this pain ain’t leaving any time soon. Every little movement brought pain, even drawing of breath is painful. I quickly learnt to reduce the pain by taking short shallow and rapid breath. The drive back home was indeed a painful journey.

After maghrib the wife and my two daughters accompanied me to the General Hospital. The distance from the emergency triage room to the treatment room is only about 50m but it seemed like 500m. The wait for the turn to see the doctor was really trying. After a quick examination, The doctor quickly ordered painkiller jab to be administered. She said I might have some stones stuck somewhere in the abdomen. The urine test later confirmed it. Too much acid in the body, she said. Incidentally I have been trying some simple detoxification regime recently – soaking lemon in all my drinking water. I have had glasses and glasses of “lemonised” water. That may trigger the quick formation of stones. Hummph… moderation my dear, moderation.

So the next few nights I had to sleep sitting down as lying was too painful an experience. So far the alkanizer solution prescribed by the doctor had little effect and I managed the pain via painkiller pills. I hope the stones would shatter and leave my system ASAP. I cannot handle the pain. Please.


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