Good in English = Good Education system?

I must admire the stamina of the various groups that have putting on a lot of pressure on the Ministry of Education to switch to English medium schools. There are a lot of letters written to the media, The arguments put forward  is quite simple and is not necessarily correct. A nation proficient in English is a  prosperous, strong, innovative and progressive nation. That is basically the point they are pushing. Never mind what happen in Korea, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Japan, France, or China. Never mind what happen to Philippines or Kenya. They are saying that Malaysia is regressing ever since the medium of instruction in schools switched to Bahasa Melayu in the late 70s. Lets look at the facts. I am the generation that were taught in the transition between full English medium and full BM. We were the half way generation. I reckon that was soft landing strategy back then to soften the impact of switching from English to BM. When 1 left school in 1977, the new gen were already fully converted to BM. Assuming my history is correct, a 13-year old in 1978 is the first batch of fully BM generation. By 1982 they would have been in Form 5 and assuming that they  took five years to complete their degree, in 1988 they would have been graduated at the age of 23. Today, in 2015, 26 years later, they would have been in their late forties or early fifties. Basically we are saying most of our top managers in the country who are mainly in their early fifties are bereft of good education. They were the victims of bad education system. You are telling me people like Tengku Zafrul Aziz (42), Tony Pua (43), Arul Kandasamy, Rafizi Ramly (37), Ahmad Maslan (49), Nur Amalina (24), Dr Faiz Khaleed (34), Dr Sheikh Muszaphar and scores of other prominent Malaysians that went through education in this country since late 70s were incapable of propelling this Malaysia to greatness because they were schooled in BM schools? No doubt most of these people furthered their educa English.They are not burying their head in the sands. Switching code of instructions to English is a simplistic view of the solution.


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