How much lower can we go?

Remember this date. 3rd September 2015. That was the day Malaysia established a record of sorts. That was the day when we descended to the lowest ebb. That was the day we sunk to the real pit. That was the day our Malaysian Tigers lost 10-0 to UAE in Abu Dhabi. Dollah Salleh, the coach in charge quickly tender his resignation. Rightly so I believe. In fact the whole of FAM should resign en bloc. It was a debacle to say the least. The last time Malaysia got a hiding within that measure was almost 50 years ago when were beaten 8-2 by New Zealand. TMJ, the de facto boss for JDT,  pointed out that Malaysia should get a foreign coach. He said Johore is willing to foot the bill. On some conditions of course. Every state FA should have an academy to  nurture young talents. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I did not see that match, but going by the recent performance against Timor Leste, Palestine, and Bangladesh, our team had clearly lost the passion. It was agonising to watch them play. The Sunday Star reported that, Gareth Bale played like a man possessed when he played for Wales, and we did not expect him to play like that for Wales since he is being paid by Real Madrid. He wears the red dragon with real fire. I expect our tigers to be like that as well, but they have become a bunch of tired zoo tigers. Some state FAs even refused to allow their players to play for Malaysia. What patriotism.


KORKorea Republic574(573.66)



UAEUnited Arab Emirates484(483.58)



CHNChina PR393(393.34)


KSASaudi Arabia350(349.54)







PRKKorea DPR237(237.15)240-2138.76138.760.000.00123.7037.11306.3961.28127KUWKuwait235(235.14)237-1100.38100.38130.4365.22120.8636.26166.4133.28130AFGAfghanistan226(225.58)212497.7597.7598.5749.28202.1060.6389.6117.92133LIBLebanon219(219.40)223-370.6670.66115.7557.87150.8545.25228.1045.62137THAThailand201(201.23)1972134.25134.2515.827.91107.3032.19134.3826.88146GUMGuam182(181.76)1850129.63129.6364.2532.1349.4514.8425.805.16149TKMTurkmenistan172(172.04)172067.5867.5864.5032.25121.2636.38179.1735.83151HKGHong Kong169(169.04)1680104.55104.5525.8012.90118.7335.6279.8615.97152VIEVietnam166(166.29)166177.8677.86121.2660.6346.9114.0768.6313.73155KGZKyrgyzstan160(159.82)160163.7563.7563.6531.83214.1564.240.000.00155INDIndia160(159.61)160185.0085.0056.8828.44110.5733.1764.9813.00157SINSingapore159(159.45)162-291.2591.2578.2139.1073.6422.0935.067.01158TJKTajikistan155(154.69)159055.4255.4265.7532.87177.5953.2865.5813.12162MYAMyanmar142(141.99)142080.2380.2364.5032.2598.3729.510.000.00163TLSTimor-Leste130(130.44)1300114.96114.960.000.0051.6015.480.000.00164BHUBhutan128(127.50)1280127.50127.500.




TPEChinese Taipei72(72.11)72040.3340.3330.4415.2232.259.6834.406.88180CAMCambodia66(66.05)66066.0566.

BRUBrunei Darussalam61(61.02)61145.5445.540.000.0051.6015.480.000.00184SRISri Lanka59(58.66)62-28.508.5051.3025.6564.5019.3525.805.16185




I still cannot believe at 169, we are lower in FIFA ranking than Timor Leste, Palestine, Burkina Faso, Belize, Surinam, Bhutan, Liechstenstein, Afghanistan,or even Curacao (where is this?)! Only Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia and Brunei are lower than us in ASEAN. If you had not noticed,the Philippines is at 125. How they had improved our the years.Of course it is not good to reminisce about the good old days but than those were the days when we could easily overcome team likes Vietnam, Hong Kong, India, Philippines and even Indonesia. I am sure FAM is aware of this, but they seemed to be helpless. Santokh Singh, said, when we lost 4-1 to Kuwait in 1981, the paper reported that it was a debacle, but now 10-0, it must be a national disaster! Soh Chin said the news is worse than the depreciating ringgit.

To be fair to DOLLAH SALLEH, The raw materials that come to be the national team are bad. Naturally the product is bad. We are expecting a miracle to happen but miracle rarely happens in real life. I do not think a foreign coach could do much. Unless we give him a free hand. Unfortunately our national sporting bodies are penchant for interference. Many coaches had run off mid way. Remember Peter Butler, Frank Lord, Jean Claude, Hatem Sousi, Alan Harris, Karl Weigang (who had several partly successful spells). I just hope that, TMJ do not hire that Erickson guy!

Speaking of sporting greats, I think Nicol David should quit now while she is still at the top. She lost her no 1 ranking this week and hoping to regain it by winning the China open, but she was beaten in the quarter final. She just won one title this year. She do not have anything to prove anymore. Being number one for quite a record number of years is proof enough of her capability. Pls retire while your at the top rather suffering from losses later and losing the sheen of your squash career. No doubt she is still good but age is catching up with her. It is a classic case of the mind is willing but the body is not. I say the same to Lee Chong Wei, Retire now and keep your winning records and reputation intact.


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