Naturalised the foreign footballers

Going by the performance of the hotch potch Malaysian national team that took on Liverpool on Friday, the call made in the New Sunday Times today for Malaysia to award Malaysian citizenship to foreign footballers is quite logical. After all many counties have done it in sports. Singapore has done it years ago, Philippines has done it, even England has done it. Of course Malaysia has done it in other sports. Remember Irina Maharani and Mohamad Hidayat?

In the match, Dollah Salleh fielded five non Malaysians and they played a crucial role in securing the 1-1 draw. Patrick Wleh repaid the faith with that well taken opening goal and Bikana saved Malaysia so often that I wonder what would have been the score had the defence manned by the likes of the Razak twin brothers or Mahali Jasuli.

If having naturalised footballers would mean a better performance by the national team, why not? With our ranking now lower than Timor Leste and getting whipped 6-0 by Palestine, how much lower can we go?

it was really heartening to see minnows like Panama and Jamaica did well in the current CONCACAF Gold Cup. Panama did so well to get into the semi final and got beaten by Mexico only by a dubious referee decision. Still they won the bronze by beating the more glamorous USA. I am rooting for Jamaica for tomorrow morning final. If only Malaysia can play like the Panamaians….. Maybe we should get TMJ to helm the FAM.


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