When ramadan flew by like Usain Bolt.

Ramadhan 1436H is already on the last day. I am now waiting at Gate K16, KLIA2 waiting for my flight to my mother in law’s place. Unbelievable. This year i am so engrossed with the 1Bestarinet affairs, it suddenly dawns upon me that Ramadhan is already near the end. In barely an hour, there goes another opportunity for gaining multiple rewards.  There are certain things I was able to do better this year. I managed to do more dhuha prayers this year, read more pages of the Quran, more  sadakah. But then again the night prayers has declined, I was too knackered to wake up early. It was frustrating that I cannot improve on my Tarawih. I was as sleepy as ever to complete the eight rakaats plus the three witirs. I did not even attempt the 20 rakaat this year. And I attended less tazkirah this year. One of the few that I managed to attend this year talked about  things that pevented us from becoming a solehin. Firstly cannot differentiate between our wants and our needs. Thus we cannot reign our nafs. Secondly he talked about how we pride ourselves of our good deeds or how we are so proud of our achievements, so proud of our wealth, so proud of our intelligence, so proud of our ability that we forgot that those so called gifts and capabilities were from Him. We lost our humility, we lost our humanity. Next he was talking about how we lost the ability to take diferences in opinions. We are so confident and proud of our ideas and we come to the point of not accepting other opinions or worse still we cannot accept the fact that our opinions are completely wrong.

So, on this final minutes of the current ramadan, I humbly pray to him, please accept my fasting, please accept my faulty prayers and Quranic readings. Please accept my meagre sadakah which I sometimes gave grudgingly. Please forgive my shortcomings. Please free me of riba and debts. Please forgive my late mum and dad. Please forgive my wife and children and siblings. Please give me the strength, intelligence, efficiency, bravery, calmness and humilty in doing my job. Please cure me of any illnesses. Please accept me in your jannah and block me from your nar. Please allow me another chance to taste the next Ramadan.


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