A humbling experience

Over the weekend I was in Ipoh and Cameron highland. The journey to Ipoh was surprisingly tight. The normally two and a half hour trip took us another extra hour due to heavy traffic. It was not a long weekend but it is the school holiday period and the Saturday was a public holiday. Those who normally work on a Saturday got their day off and many took to the highway to travel. As usual my bad planning meant I have to take a few detours. Thinking I can top up the fuel tank at the rest areas, I just started off with the tank half full. Thinking I can fill up in Sungai Buloh or Rawang, I just drove past Jalan Duta Shell station. By the time we reached Sungai Buloh overhead rest stop, the place was jammed. The queue for petrol was long. Thinking Rawang should be OK, I just move on. Thinking, thinking, thinking.. It was plainly presumptious, Rawang was even worse, we cannot even got near the Petronas station and was turned away The RELA people who furiously waved us off. OK, lets try the old route 1, there are plenty of petrol stations along the way to Serendah, Rasa or KKB. It was better in route 1. Less traffic and many empty petrol stations. Empty petrol stations. Empty petrol stations – no fuel. Ha..ha. Pity the stations operators, at times like this when demand was high, there was no supply. They should be able to make a killing at times like this. Anyway, we managed to find a fully stocked BHP near Rasa. By then it was already 11.00am. I made another error of judgement after that, thinking the PLUS highway should be cleared by then, I switched back to the highway after Rasa. Obviously my thinking was not that good that day. The traffic only cleared after Sungkai. Strange, after Sungkai the highway dovetailed to two-lane instead of three and the jam cleared!. Anyway we reached the wedding when most of the people had left. Even the cendol guy was already packing to leave. Never mind the ice cream and cendol, Congratulation to my niece, Mastura.
As we had planned to spend the weekend in Cameron Highland we quickly headed to the hill station using the Simpang Pulai way. It was a smooth journey until Kampong Raja. Then the crawl began. It took us half and hour of antly crawl to reach Kea farm. To make matter worse, the hotel had change the name and it took us some time to find out the actual location. I cannot believe in this days of age, on line booking operators cannot expedite the change as soon as possible. The switched had been made almost one and a half year ago!

Since I had to travel outstation on Sunday, I took the bus back to KL. The rest of the family stayed back in CH. It was such a refreshing change – travelling by coach. Great view, comfortable seat, smooth ride. Heck, who cares about the jam. The ride on the LRT back to Sri Rampai, jolted me back to reality. The train, as usual on Sunday afternoon was quite packed. I was standing with my back pack in the last coach of the four-coach train. Then there was this lady who suddenly stood up and said “Uncle, please sit down, take my seat”. For a few moments I was too dumbfounded to reply. Ouch..ouch. Uncle cannot stand on the train any more! Thank you young lady. You are such a fine lady, who ever you are. Thank you for reminding me of my age and putting me in my place.


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