On turning 55

Last month I turned 55. Suddenly it dawned upon me I should have retired if it was 10 years ago. The Friday before that Monday would have been my clock out day.Rightly or wrongly I have to wait for another four years plus before I hang my professional chalk and blackboard. Looking at the average age of Prophet Muhammad’s ummah, I have another seven or eight years to go before I die. These are the hard cold facts I have to face. Even if I pray day and night for the next seven or eight years, I feel I still could not balance out the sins that I have done for the past 40 years or so. I am really praying for the grace of Allah to save me. Allah is the most Merciful.
Anyway, our birthday dinner (me and the wife incidentally almost shared the same birthday, hers is on the 14th mine on the 16th) was really unique. By twist of fate, my daughter’s friend from Canada was on a visit on that day and she managed to join us. She was on crutches after crashing her rented bike in Thailand. It was really amazing this young woman can travel half way around the globe in crutches, all alone.



The late JJ said we did not realised that we aged that far until we see our friends who grew up with us and we almost did not recognised them anymore. Greying or thinning hair, freckles turning into liver spots, bulging tummy, wrinkling hands and fading memory. Well, Alhamdulillah, Allah blessed me with wonderful family, relatively great health, secure job, super duper wife, comfortable home, considerable debts,..etc … what more can I ask. Hopefully I can still write on my next birthday.


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