Tan Tan – the Atlantic town (part 9)

There is this little town called Tan Tan facing the Atlantic ocean. To me the name itself conjure up the remoteness of the place. It is about three hours away from Guelmim, southwestwards. The journey through the desert was quiet except we have to stop three times for security checks. We were told,the guards stopped us to ensure our safety as the areas are bordering Mauritania, a supposedly unstable areas.
We arrived in Tan Tan well past lunch time and treated to another wonderful Moroccan lunch. This time we had a huge barbecued fish as the main dish.

Tan tan beach. The Atlantic Ocean waves looks formidable
Tan tan beach. The Atlantic Ocean waves looks formidable

Huge fish and squid for lunch. The fish is called dorna or something to that effect
Huge fish and squid for lunch. The fish is called dorna or something to that effect

The town is rather quiet at this time of the year. Maybe because it is winter time. I can’t write write much about the town as we did not really spend that much time except at the hotel where we had our lunch.
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Our next destination is a school, Mansour Ehdhabi, really remind me of Maktab Mansor Adabi in kota Bharu. The welcoming ceremony compelled us to drink camel milk from a bowl – the same bowl. The milk so tasty, I could have gulped everything myself. Control man. Others still waiting in the queue.
Just a sip maam.
Just a sip maam.

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I am quite amazed that the school still enthusiastically received us even it was 6.30pm on saturday evening. They have put up all sorts of scientific exhibits for us to see. Again I am amazed at how confident their kids are explaining their projects, in English/Arabic/ French. But the best is spared for the last. The welcome party was conducted in a camel hide tent erected in the school compound. A real Samra tradition. And again we have to wear the jilabab, only this the jilabab were white and two sizes bigger. We left Tan Tan around 9pm, tired but quite happy.

Ummm..this thing can do...
Ummm..this thing can do…

the welcoming tent
the welcoming tent

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Tea in the sahara
Tea in the sahara


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