Postings from the boondocks of Morocco

Dr Tebbins told me that Morocco is basically divided into two by the Atlas mountain range that diagonally straddled the country from northeast to southwest. The northern portion is the french influenced and greener fertile land while the southern portion (southeast rather) is the beginning of the Sahara desert and often referred as Bab al sahara (gateway to Sahara). The Atlas range is unique in the sense that it provide Morocco with a snow capped mountains and it is quite rare for a country to have a desert as well as skiing resort at the same time. That is the uniqueness of Morocco. We were taken half way up the Atlas mountains and the temperature quickly dropped to 10C from 19C in Marakesh. The hilly road has a wonderful poster panoramic view and the roadside are lined with shops selling rugs, tajin claypots, honey and other bric a brac peculiar to the area. We didn’t get to the top because it was late and we are suppose to have dinner in Marakesh. We had to turn back. I was grateful because I do not think I can stand the mountain cold since I was a bit under dressed. Gross misjudgement on my part of the weather situation.

View on the way tothemountain top
View on the way tothemountain top

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The Friday night dinner hosted by the directors of the ENS (Ecole Normal de Superior – Teacher Training Colleges) was a grand affair with lavish food and entertainment. Pity I was full and tired by the time they brought in the spring chickens. Not even the belly dance can shake the tiredness away.
Lavish spread, with plenty of bread.
Lavish spread, with plenty of bread.


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