On the second day we were taken to an orgnisation not so dissimilar to the ETD. We reached the place 40 minutes late as the driver did not quite know where to go.The media Centre is a receiving USD300million from Korea. It has a multimedia studio with chromakey stage and sevral DV cameras. The place also acted as research centre for e-learning materials. Unfortunately due to manpower constraint it can only validate and verify between 17-20 titles per year. We were like that before but now we outsourced our production. We were told Moroccan schools also connected to the internet with various speeds ranging from 2 – 20 Mbps via ADSL and 3G. Most of the equipment were CSR from the companies. Actually I had trouble getting the true picture as the explanation was in heavily French accented English. We were asking some questions but the answers were not quite what we want and after some time we were tired of asking.A real pity. They painstakingly tried very hard to answer our questions but sometimes it did not really come out. How I desperately wish I could converse in either Arabic or French.

The chromakey studio
The chromakey studio

Multimedia lab donated by the Koreans
Multimedia lab donated by the Koreans

How clever the Koreans are, they invested USD300 millions and in the long run they might be getting a lot more than that in return, especially in terms of influence and presence.


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