Musings from Rabat (Part 3)

The first meeting with Moroccan authority was held at the King Hassan II Academy of Sciences. The academy building is an ornate building with a splendid main hall. The intricate design of the interior really a reflection of the fine Moroccan craftsmen. All the tiles arrangement were inlaid individually piece by piece. The ceiling wood carving was fine and intricate.

The wall tiles with exquisite design.
The wall tiles with exquisite design.

from windows phone-dec14 384

The complex comprise Hassan II Academie and Academie Des Science. I was told the complex was once the residence of Moroccan army colonels. The Academie Des Science is a recently completed new building while the rest are the old colonel residence.
from windows phone-dec14 377
from windows phone-dec14 366

The opening was quite a simple ceremony with the minister of Education and Training in attendance. I wonder if they are coming here, our minister would attend such a small ceremony. The visit comprise two team from Malaysia, the energy and education team. The energy team would look into the areas of collaboration in renewable energy and the education team to forge relationship in e-learning initiatives in conjunction with the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) realms. Apparently Morocco has a very strong interest in STEM. I am yet to see that.


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