Musings from Morocco, Maroc and Maghribi (Part 2)

We arrived in Rabat at night. I cannot quite see what the city is like. But the journey from the aeroport to the hotel took us about 10 minutes and there was not any traffic jam. Most cars are of the French origin. A lot of Peugeots, Renaults, Citroens and surprisingly a lot of hyundais as well. On top of that there is the Dacia Logan, the local version of Renault. Apparently Moroccan do not take seriously their locally made cars, hence the sticker Renault has to be there. Not unlike my daughter who insisted on the Hyundai badge on her Inokom i10. This fascination for imported names are not a Malaysian thing after all. I was wondering how the Koreans can penetrate the African market where as our Proton is struggling even to get to Thailand or Indonesia. The parking space is very tight. you really had to master your side parking skills here. I wonder how they could get out of the parking space with only a few centimetres leeway on both ends. I was told, most cars would bump other cars and leave. In fact I saw one taxi doing just that.
Rabat in one way is very westernised, with the streets much like other French cities. The buildings are an eclectic mix of old and new. The red wall of the old fort still there in the city centre. Later I discovered that this red building are typical colour of buildings in Maghribi, more so in Marakesh.

The street next to our hotel.
The street next to our hotel.

Rabat also has a tram system. A very chic looking tram run through the city centre. Unfortunately, despite promising myself to ride the tram, I never made it. A real pity. Most of the taxis in Maghribi are Mercedes. I have never seen so many 230E and E230s, old and new on the road. The driver who took us around told me, the Government insists on Mercedes because of its reliability, easy maintenance and relatively cheap overall upkeep.
Rabat fast moving tram
Rabat fast moving tram


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