HOTS without ethics

Pof Dzulkifli Abd Razak today wrote in the NST about the danger of inculcating Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) among our children without incorporating ethics into it. He said, based on current events, HOTS actually is already in abundance in this country, citing examples of the recent ATM scams involving foreigners and Malaysians. You got to have HOTS in order to hatch and carry out such an intricate scams. He also cited how custom officers managed to dodge the authorities with elaborate plans involving various levels to bypass the procedures in tax avoidance by smuggling contrabands from foreign countries especially ciggies and liqours into Malaysia. It took the authorities three years to unravelled the well coordinated plans. Unfortunately many of these application of HOTS were for the wrong purpose.
I have to agree with him, in our haste to be in the top third nation as per TIMSS and PISA assessment by 2025, we must not forget that our National Education Philosophy calls for nurturing of hollistic students capable of contributing to the well being of self and society. With the recent spate of corruptions charges against our customs officers and against the backdrop of the recent speech by HRH Sultan Nazrin that corruption at the higher level are more sophisticated, slick, elusive and involves a lot more value, we definitely need HOTS with ethics and moral. Without strong ethics and iman, HOTS would be just hot air scorching the nation.


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