Two and a half hours to get from Ipoh to Chemor!

Today we decided to go balik kampung for the Aidiladhaa. We tought the crowd would have thinned by today since they would have left yesterday. I was quite wrong. The jam started in Sungai Buloh but fortunately the rest of the journey was quite normal for a festive season. But the usually 15 minutes journey from Ipoh to Chemor was something else. We exited PLUS at Ipoh Selatan around 6pm, three hours after we left KL. I took the old Ipoh Kuala kangsar road since that is the shortest way to Chemor. We did not stop for Asar on the highway as we have of plenty time, and each RR was crowded. i imagined we could fulfill our Asar obligation when we reached kampung. Things started to get chaotic at the Tasik Junction, traffic was heavy and nobody is manning the affair. Many drivers, big and small, rich and poor, male and female took to the road shoulder only to cut in again when there is an obstacle in front. This create a massive jam. On top of that all the traffic lights were acting as if i was a normal day. Can you imagine the number of traffic lights that we have to go through from Tasek to Chemor? On my last count, it was easily more than 10. We were practically crawling. Being a good honest citizen, we follow the rules, stay on the normal path. We were defeated. Those who broke the law with impunity got away with a victory and they are enjoying the fruit of it. As a result, it took us two and a half hours to complete a 10km journey. I was forewarned that there was an accident after the Menora tunnel and most traffic were advised to take the old road. But I did not anticipate it could be this bad, even with the Raya crowd. I did not anticipate the we would be left on our own to manage the traffic situation. Where are the police, local authority, RTD, SPAD or can’t they at least get the the sukaRELA people to help. Left on their own, Malaysians took the streets with the law of the jungle. The fittest survive. I am still wondering how I manage to squeeze our Serena in between that huge SCANIA on the left and the crazy WIRA on the right plus the impatient CRV at the back. Alhamdulillah we reached our destination, but we had to stop in Klebang for our prayer.It was way past Isyak when we reached our kampung. Had I known the condition is so bad, I would have used the Tambun Chemor Ulu Kuang road or Jelapang Chepor Chemor road. Even in this day and age, the social media communication system is more interested in gossips than helping people to overcome this kind of situation. Malaysians are still a long way to become a developed nation as far as road manners are concerned.


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