Can Strepsils cure Malaysian common cold?

I have read a few of the speeches and articles written by HRH Sultan of Perak, but the one he delivered on the recent 47th anniversary of MACC must be amongst the most powerful, well researched and immaculate piece I have ever read. He must be one of the Malaysian brilliant minds. His speech on corruption entitled simply ” Corruption: Scenario and Challenges”. I must thank NST for translating the speech into English and publishing it in full over the last two days. It was very enlightening. His speech touched on origins of corruption, how it has spread historically and no nations is spared. The effect is more devastating in poor nations. He quoted that RM19.2 trillion was misappropriated in poor nations between 2002 and 2010. Every RM3.2 billion leaks resulted in 3.6 million deaths.
On the home front, he said corruption could be due to two main categories: One those who are desperate. Those who turned to corruption to survive due to their inability to balance their wages with having to pay for their daily needs.He noted that the fact that CEUPACS president requested bank to dispense RM10 notes through ATM indicated that at any given moment a number of ATM cardholders do not even have RM50 in their bank account. Whether the assumption is correct or not is beside the point but this goes to show income disparities breed corruption.The country cannot be in the state of denial over this. A formula must be found, it is not a common cold that could be cured by dispensing Strepsils.
The second category is even more dangerous. It is done by people in high positions, holding importnt posts, have great desires to live lavishly. This category usually involving bigger sums, more sophisticated, slicker, adept at washing their hands and are more powerful. It is a pity he said, many a time corrupters get away smelling like roses while whistleblowers were punished. This give the impression that coruption is alright and acceptable. A dangerous situation. During the regimes of Ferdinand Marcos, he instituted 9 new laws and involving 19 agencies to eradicate coruption but mere laws and acts are toothless without action. Marcos, as history have shown is chased away from the Philipines by angry citizens due to his and cronies largese lifestyles.
Corruption need stern and discriminate actions as well as preventive measures to strengthened integrity. Malaysia must take this action to weed out corruption or else we’ll continue to feature the mindset that corruption is all right.


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