Media Prima : A day with the media giant

When I was told, or coerced rather, to attend this so called “Media Training”, I was very skeptical. But then since the big boss insist that all directors or deputies must go, I reluctantly drove to the Balai Berita, in Bangsar this morning. We were greeted with the big guns of the Media Prima Group, except for their chairman Tan Sri Johan Jaafar, the rest of the team were there to greet us. Wow, I said this is something. So when Ally Iskandar took the floor as the compere for the morning session my interest was already perked up. The morning session was packed with briefings and demos about Media Prima’s radio network, the demo session was handled by Ikhwan, Hot FM’s DJ. The morning session had a surprise visit from Amy Search and one Dr JJ from Pengajian Tinggi gamely took the mike and had a rousing karaoke session with him. Surprising he (this Dr JJ) did not disappoint our ministry, this Dr JJ really sung the song Rozana very well indeed with Amy. I forgot the name of the other lady celebrity brought in especially for the photo session, it was Anzalna or something. All i know she drives this gleaming red BMW. She must be famous to own such a car. The morning session is all about how to use radio as a medium to disseminate info. Radios are still alive and well. Surely, i remember the song Radio Gaga by Queen with a lyrics ” Radio, someone still loves you”
In the afternoon, we had a session with Nur Farahin Jamsari on how to dress ourselves before we appear on TV. and by the time Zainal Ariffin of the Jejak Rasul and Misteri Nusantara fame came on stage and talked about sincerity, I was really ashamed of myself. He (zainal) said, if you are not sincere,it will appear as your aura when you came on air. It will show on your face and body language. That really got me all flustered. Azwan Azir talked about making friends with your compere, not to be overawed when you appear in front of the camera. Despite having been the boss of our TV department for three years, the TV cameras still give me the jitters. It is all about being well prerpared. If you know your stuff and came prepared you should be OK. Of course if the studio set are using chromakey, avoid using green, blue or grey. I know that.

Azmi Anshar, being a truly honest journalist, told us a few nasty things about the media. “We have little time and little space to print your story. If your story has no news value it won’t be carried”. “You dont tell us what not to ask, in fact we’ll asked exactly the same thing, maybe from a different perspective”. Ahmad Izham Omar, the music guy who turned to TV and took it by storm, shared with us some secrets on branding. MoE must brand it self into an unforgettable product. It as quite sad that he had to resort to a video from Singapore’s MoE to illustrate a point on a good teacher branding video. It was a body blow that he could not find any fitting video from our EduwebTV. I do not know whether he really looked. I remember a few moving stories from our our archives in EduwebTV. Thats another painful lesson – EduwebTv desperately needs a huge promotion.

I love the session by Datuk Zainul Ariffin. Being a big fan of his weekly article in in the NST, I was really impressed by his take on the new media. MoE or BTP for that matter should have a media trooper team to trawl through all the media comments and see what is trending. Then we can truly plan actions to tackle the real issues being debated by the social media. Finally Dato Kamal Khalid provided some tips on how to handle crises using the media. He cautioned MoE to prepare for some legal actions that might be taken by parents who would disappointed with the UPSR results due to the repeats.
I also had the chance to visit the Balai Berita to see how they are preparing for the publication of the New Sunday Times tomorrow. I got the chance to see some real faces behind the names that I often see in the NST. I must say it was a rewarding experience despite having to work till almost maghrib on Saturday. How often you get to see Pang Chin Fei’s face for almost four hours continuously – she was the compere for the afternoon session.


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