happy malaysia day everybody

for the ministry of education, it is quite a bleak malaysia day with three upsr papers to be resat, one headmaster arrested and detained with three other teachers, and a director with her deputy suspended. there was this girl who wrote to Star expressing her disbelief that people go to all sorts of extend to to get the exam papers. that means we still a long way from convincing our public about the change in our so called exam oriented system. we are still nowhere near possesing the kind integrity that our teachers should have. if you have prepared your children well enough come wind or high water, they should be ready. why is there the need to spot or look for leaked questions. whoever posted the questions through the social media should be wise enough to know that it is against the law to do so. are our teachers that ignorant? this kind of thing happen almost every year. but this time the leakage was bad. why is it our parents and teachers putting so much pressure on the 12 year olds still baffle me. they are not even guaranteed a place in boarding school if they do well. most would progress to next door secondary schools. and they still have another five years of schooling to go. didn’t the teachers know that student assessment now include pajsk and ps and not upsr alone. in this sense, we have failed to inform the public on the changes that we hve done to the system or the effect of the chnges are still trickling down.

i had this uneasy feeling going into the second half of the week. Hopefully kota kinabalu would be kind to me and cure me of this incessant cough and fever. the last time i felt this bad was after i came back from tawau and semporna in april. it did not last this long. the doctor in Tanglin clinic suspected that i had contracted the dreaded dengue and she insisted that i went for the second blood test in hkl. i took an easier option in hospital ampang where i do not have to battle for parking space. what seemed like an easier option took long’er than it normally would, the pathology machine broke down (So said the apologetic announcement) i had to wait for three hours to get the result. the doctor cleared me of dengue, my blood’ count is normal. it was a normal flu. just continue’ your medication, she said. it has been three days since and the medication had ran out. i am still coughing and bouts of fever still coming. once a day. fortunately it is not severe, no headaches or dizziness. just plain high temperatures and phlegm. i just hope it will clear up soon, there are a lot of things coming these few weeks, what with the boss retiring in early october. i really need a real broad and sturdy shoulder to carry on. insyaallah the new boss would come back to back in early november. deputising is no easy task. happy malaysia day everybody!


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