suspension of exam’s syndicate boss and his deputy

To say i was shocked when i heard the news last night was an understatement. Worse still when i saw photos of the two of them splashed across this morning media. it look so surrealistic. i was thinking to myself it could have been me. what if the powers that be suddenly decided that the school are not getting their internet connection as they should be and i would be suspended pending investigation. the two poor fellas are paying the price of other people untrustworthiness. Teachers and parents should understand that it is only UPSR. The kids still had another five years of schooling. This is a classic example of how the pressure on exam is taking its toll on common sense. Why is there the need to find the real exam questions? So that students can practice answering them and do well. But exam is all about testing your level of achievement, not how well u practiced. Imagine the students who were not really up to mark with their achievement but due to this so called ‘aid’, they did extremely well in the exam. Imagine these same students were then selected to go boarding schools. Believe u me, they would be struggling to cope, their morals would be battered. In the end they suffered and the advantage of having straight A’s would be meaningless. I am talking through experience in my boarding schools days. A few students were found to be struggling even though they had straight A’s. Upon further investigation, they admitted that they got help during the exam from their teachers. In end, after couple of years and much fruitless remedial classes, they were transferred to daily schools. Imagine the indignation that they have to go thru’. The ministry really need to make an effort to depressurize the UPSR.

LP’s director



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