Ola bola!

It wouldn’t be right if I did not write something about the Greatest Show on Earth. The first few days created a few surprises. But nothing beat the thrashing of the reinging champion, Spain by the Oranje. The sight of Robben and RVP celebrating after each of them scoring two goals were unforgettable. I can take it if Spain lost by one or two goals but a four-goal margin is unthinkable. I don’t know how Del Bosque would rally his ageing troops for the next match.Maybe the defeat itself would fire the world and European champion to pull their act together. Surely Cassilas needs to be replaced. Give Reina or De ghea a chance.
The Costa Rica versus Uruguay was another upset of an epic proportion. How could a tiny nation like Costa Rica could beat a former champion with star like Forlan. Granted Suarez was missing but it takes more than Suarez to make a team. I am rooting for more of this underdog wins. A good thing none of the matches so far ended in a draw even worse scoreless draw. The England – Italy match was quite exciting. Hodgson definitely need to take a long hard look at his captain. His passes has gone astray one too many and he committed too many mistakes. Unless he needs him for his experience and guidance, he might as well be replaced with a more useful player. I am really looking for theward to German – Portugal match.


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