Fooled by SBS

On the FA Cup final day, I was half expecting it to be shown on Korean TV. After all Korea is supposed to be a footballing nation. They were in World Cup Final many times. And they even had co-hosted the world cup with Japan in 2002. It was a bit strange, Korea is in the World Cup finals but you could hardly see the excitement either on the streets or on TV. The sports channel are more interested in showing baseball matches. I was told, Korea are crazy about baseball at this time of the year. The only spot about world cup on TV is the cartoon advert regarding Park Ji Sung and an advert involving the legendary Cha Boon Keum. The hotel had 30 tv channels, five of them are sports channel but none of them mentioned anything about world cup or FA cup final. I was thinking I’ll be missing the Arsenal-Hull match and resigned to the fact that I had to watch it streamed on the internet. While waiting for the match to start I had dozed off and at around 1.09am I woke up and imagine my excitement when the SBS channel was showing Arsenal versus Hull. Of course evrything was in Korean. The commentators, the credits, the crawlers, graphics and even teamline ups and the scores. I can only tell the team by virtue of my knowledge about the two teams. So when Jack Wilshere and Podolski scored, I posted abou it on Facebook. The matches ended 3-0 in favour of Arsenal. I fell asleep that night thinking that Arsenal had won handsomely. On the bus to the field trip the next day, I mentioned the score to the Bruneian participant. He was surprised. He was checking the net and confirmed Arsenal had won 3-2!. Suddenly it dawned upon me that the match that was shown by SBS that night was a rerun on premier league match played by the two teams earlier in the year! Suddenly I remember something was odd about the match on the SBS that night. Both Arsene Wenger and Steve Bruce were not wearing suits as the norm for Wembley event. The signature Wenger’s black suit and white shirt was missing. The flashing graphics of FA cup wasn’t there either for the replays. I felt so foolish and embarassed. How could they do this to me. I did not get to see the 2014 FA Cup Final after all. But the pain is even worse when I knew that I saw the wrong match thinking it was the right one. My kids and friends were laughing their heads off at my Facebook postings. Ouch. Anybody knows the SBS CEO?


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