The Korean Experience

Busan is the second largest city in Korea, so I was told. I arrived at Busan International Airport a little past nine am last Friday. The APEC e-learning team were at hand to receive us. Very cheerful and helpful lot.Arriving with us were the team from Thailand and Vietnam. After a brief introduction we were packed into a Starex that took us to the Ibis Hotel Busan, and we were there in 40 minutes. As usual Busan’s streets are crawling with Kias, Hyundais, and SyangYongs and only a handful of foreign cars, notably Chevy (which I believe had a collaboration with Daewoo. I was also told, the reason why Koreans own Korean cars is not so much due to sense of patriotism or something like that, but it is mainly due to price of imported cars were so high, average Koreans cannot afford them. Not unlike Malaysia in the early Proton days prior to the liberation of AFTA agreement.
Unfortunately, it was too early to check in and i had my first taste of Busan’s food instead. Typical Korean food, a lot vegetables, soup and not much oil. Busan is a maritime city and famous for its octopuses. You know that wriggling squid with blobbing head and tentacles with suckers. I heard many Koreans eat them alive and raw, dipped in some sauce. Also, I reckon, Korean loves coffees. In the city like Busan,there is a coffee shop at almost every 500m, and during meal hours the places were packed. Behind the hotel there is a big wet market and I saw many stalls selling the octopuses. The Hotel right in front of the entrance to the underground Bujeon Station. There is a bustling underground shopping complex in Bujeon area. But I observed that, unlike other major cities, Busan is almost half dead by 10pm.

Arrival at GimHei, Busan
Arrival at GimHei, Busan

Pretty  rubbish bin in Busan airport
Pretty rubbish bin in Busan airport

A dentist in Busan
A dentist in Busan


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