Congratulations to the Noisy Neighbours!

My daughter said “as long as it is not Man U, I am happy”. I do understand the feeling, none of us in the family supported Man U. Most of them are die hard fans of Wenger and co, with the exception of a lone Chelsea and Liverpool fan. So when at 5 to midnight today, the referee blew the final whistle, City had beaten Wet Ham 2-0 and they are crowned Premier League champion for the 2013/14 season.  The big spending “noisy neighbours” is the champion again.We were smiling. “as long as it is not Man U, I am happy”.. 
The Noisy Neighbours
Poor Liverpool, so near yet so far. Hopefully Rodgers and his merry men had learned the lesson from last Monday when they blew away a 3-goal lead against rejuvenated Palace. After leading 3-0 with 11 minutes to go, they should have parked the bus like Chelsea. I know they had a 9 goal deficit to turn but in the end you lose two precious points and the championship. What a waste. I get this sinking feeling that Liverpool won’t be able t repeat their performance next season, especially the surprise factor is gone and European distraction would be on. 

Tony Pullis deserved to be awarded the manager of the season with his great Houdini’s act. I wonder whether he could work his magic with Notts Forest. I am still baffled why Almasawi employed the Psycho as Forest manager next season. He may be a terrific defender in his Forest days, but as a manager he failed miserably in Man City and England U-21. I can only hope the ghost of Brian Clough and Peter Taylor can guide him and Forest back to the Premier League next season. Another sad thing, all Malaysian related teams are now in the Championship. Vincent Tan’s Cardiff was relegated, Lotus’s Norwich was also relegated. The only hope is Tony Fernandez’s QPR which is still battling with Wigan in the play off. They still need to beat Wigan in the semis 2nd round and then face the winner of Brighton/Derby which I think is a bit too much for Redknap’s  charges. Thankfully, Swansea managed to maintain their mid table position. 


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