Time bomb

Last Tuesday we had a meeting with the surgeons, anasthetists, dietician, nurses, about ten of hem. Practically all that will be involved in the transplant. It was a Q&A session. A free for all. We asked some silly questions but they courteously answered. The one vexing question, does she really need a transplant? Looking at her now, she looks healthy and active almost back to her normal self. Datuk Dr Zakaria, one of the paediatric surgeon who has been following her progress since she was a toddler, as usual, bluntly answered – she is walking time bomb. We never know when the next attack going to come and we never know whether she is going to recover. Oh my goodness. Liver needs very little to function, it is a very hardy organ. that is why she is well now even tough the liver is already damaged. As for former Kasai patient, going by normal standards, most patients needs a transplant before the age of thirty. There you are the hard cold facts laid bare by the doctor. Next we were told that the call for the transplant procedure could come at any time of the day depending on the availability of the donor liver. She must be ready. Further, there maybe a few misses before we get the proper well and suitable liver. There are cases that patients have to come the hospital seven times before the actual transplant is done. The operation normally took about 10-14 hours and her life will to change drastically after that. She’ll be on constant immuno suppressant medication for the rest of her life. The recovery period will take about a couple of months. All her food must be cooked. No more shusi or ulam. Everything must consumed immediately after being served. definitely no leftover food. Good thing mummy has retired.
I recalled one night a month ago, around 1.45 am, I got a call from Selayang Hospital asking her to come as there as a liver available. I dismissed the call thinking it was a crank call or I was dreaming. Now I know better. It was a true call. What a missed opportunity.


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