Incubating and hatching rotten eggs

Recently we had a meeting with the auditors regarding our ongoing project. One of them made a metaphorical remark regarding the project. Our effort to improve the project, he said, is like trying to incubate a rotten egg. No matter how hard you try to regulate and remedy the surrounding environment to optimise the conditions, you won’t be getting the chick as the egg is already rotten in the first place. The best we could do is to minimise the rotting smell when the egg is hatched. I was thinking, are we in the business of obfuscating our weaknesses? If the project has gone bad and cannot be rescued, isn’t it prudent for us to say so? Why are we always have to pick up the mess done by others and darn it. They got away scott free and we ended with rotten eggs in our faces. we must have a pretty thick and slimy skin.


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