Try a little love

Winslow Wong in this weeks’s Focus wrote “The more love employees feel at work, the more engaged they are”. The Marriott Group founder JW Marriott ran his companies contrary to the “customers first” philosophy by adopting “employees first” policy. He believes that,if you take care and love your associates, they will take care of your customers. The success of the Marriott Group worldwide is a testament to that policy.
Wong further added that we need to inculcate greater sense of companionate love among our employees. Companionate love? Well, companionate love is different from compassionate love in the sense that the intensity is less. It is based on respect, warmth, affection, camaraderie, care and connection rather than passion. Of course, I reckon, lust is definitely not part of it. An organisation that take care of its employees invariably performs better. How do you improve the relationship between your colleagues and subordinate to show more love? In Islam we were told to greet our brethrens with the salam. A micro second utterance of salam with a little smile from the boss goes a long way in showing that the top management care for their subs. We are strongly encouraged to be the first to utter the salam every time we meet others. A company in the USA encourages its staff to kiss each other’s cheeks every time they meet, irrespective of gender. That maybe pushing it a bit far here but it works wonders for the company in building its comradeship. A simple “morning or hello” would do. Improving working condition and facilities is also another way employers can show their love to their employees. An employee need to be assured that they are being taken care of with compassion. My subordinate came to me the other day with a huge problem that has been plaguing her for a long time now. On one hand the administration is not happy with her for missing from work for quite sometime, albeit with valid MCs on certain days, on the other, her case seemed genuine enough to warrant some compassion. I can only offer a pair of sympathetic ears and soothing words. We still had to deduct her salary for missing work or disciplinary action would be taken against me for not following General orders. Dilemma like this makes working in government department very incompanionate (if there is such a word) let alone compassionate. I have to look at some other means of helping her. Please God help us.


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