Fort Supai Steamed fish

I rarely write about food or makan place but there is this little place called Fort Supai in Kuala Linggi, the border between NS and Melaka. It is situated next to the Melaka’s Rural Transformation Centre (RTC) and the old historical Fort Supai site. There are signs that the old place have been recently refurbished but as usual maintenance is always an issue in this country. I was told by my history teacher friend, Kuala Linggi was an important landing place in its heydays.
The jetty at Fort Supai is specially built for the restaurant. Funny I cannot even remember the name of the restaurant! It is jutting out about 100m into the sea. A great place to watch the sun sets. Good thing is the place is not crowded, unlike the Ikan Bakar place in Umbai or Jeram. That means you can get your food fairly quickly and parking is not an issue. The place serves the usual fares. Its lemon steamed fish is outstanding, so much so that the wife will order the same fare every time we are here. The price is not as expensive as the atrocious Sekinchan’s. But then of course it is not as cheap as those in Alor Star or Perlis.





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