Tasik Raban

Over the weekend I had the chance to visit Tasik Raban – a little lake area between Kuala Kangsar and Lenggong in Perak. It is under the Lenggong District council. Lenggong is the site of the famous Perak Man – earliest man known to inhabit this part of the world. The site in Kota Tampan, near Lenggong has been gazetted as World Heritage site. Tasik Raban is a beautiful lake districts not unlike the Hua Long Lake in Vietnam. Unfortunately not much has been done to promote the area. Unless you are familiar with the area, you would not know about it. The Lenggong district council has to be lauded for building the Tasik Raban Resort – a low cost chalets fronting the lake. Given the beauty of the area with lush greenery and serene lakes and rolling Titiwangsa mountain range in the background, it has the potential to be a top tourist attraction. Unfortunately, the resort is already suffering from various state of neglects. It is a vicious circle really. To build and maintain such facilities, the council need funds and the funds can come from visitors occupying the resort and using the facilities. Visitors don’t come if the facilities are not maintained properly. If visitors do not come, the council has less money to maintain the place and the place will become more run down and driving way more visitors and the owner getting k
less money and the circle goes on and on. I believe in places like this, the authority need to do more to promote the place. As it is it is only used as a transit incidental stop by travelers like me.

The Raja NAzrin Brdige crossing the Tasik Raban



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