Integrating SPS and SPBS

Pentaksiran Berasaskan Sekolah (PBS) have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Things were so grim they are around 130 sites in Facebook calling for the abolition of the PBS. The main contention is the accessibility to the Sistem PBS (SPBS). It is not a question of access to the internet but access to the SPBS. Many teachers complained that they have to wait until 2am or 3am to access the system. Even then they have to wait for hours to update one data. Worse still,  data that have been updated sometimes got lost and the teachers were up in arms at having to re-key the data. Basically in SPBS, teachers, especially subject teachers have to key in students’ data, performance, and provide reporting. The system admin would have to create users and maintain the system.

SPS is another important system revamped from the original Smart School Management System (SSMS) and the only system in the school solely designed for automation of the daily running of the schools. No doubt, there are numerous systems in schools but none can match SPS in terms of role based, function based, and data based system. Currently SPS has 22 modules covering every function of the school from students profile, teachers profile, school profile, teaching and learning as well as administration.

After much acrimony and outcries, the powers that be in the Ministry decided to merge SPBS with SPS. PBS would be the 23rd module in the SPS. The merging would commence in early 2014 and by April 2014, school would be able to use PBS via SPS. The challenge is to ensure no more 2am access or worse still breaking up of family harmony.


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