When a certain Murphy came calling

Murphy has not come and make a visit to my life for quite sometime now, but there it was in action on Tuesday. In fact it started on Monday. I am talking about Murphy’s Law. Things started to go horribly wrong on Monday night. I was taking a flight back to KL from Alor Setar. I went to the airport after dinner, around 8.00pm. At the check in counter we were told the 9.35pm flight is one hour late. So I thought OK, I should be able to reach KLIA at 11.35pm, plenty of time to catch the ERL to KL Sentral. So we waited in the departure lounge. We did not take off until 1045pm and landed in KLIA at quarter to midnight. By the time I reached the exit, it was five past. Shock, horror, I had only fifteen bucks in my pocket. Rats! All the ATM machines were closed! Come on man, it is the airport, people come in and out at all hours. How could they turn off the ATM machines, all the machines. It was such a relief when I saw one RHB cubicle blinking. Quickly inserted my ATM card, and heck, let them charge me one ringgit for cross bank withdrawal, as long as I can get some cash to get me home, I’ll be happy. The rejection message and receipt came out and I was dumbfounded. Oh no! It was already twenty past. My last chance was to try the bus station and fortunately the 1230 coach to KL Sentral was still available. Phew, that was close. After much persuasion my daughters agreed to fetch me from KL Sentral around 1.40am. I did not sleep until almost 2.30am. I had a troubled  frequently interrupted sleep. I had a presentation to make at 11.00am.  Bad dreams about it, ghosted my sleep. As soon as I arrived at the office the boss instructed me to be at Putrajaya by 9am. OMG, I have not gone through the whole meeting agenda properly. The officer who had the slides were stuck on the highway. The boss is screaming for a copy and another for the Secretary General. Due to lack of sleep, my head was already throbbing. I was such a wreck to notice that it was the first time all the Ministry big guns were at the meeting. The Sec Gen was there to chair the meeting plus her two deps. The DG was there with his two deps. Most of the directors were there as well. The caterer was late, there was no mineral water for the bosses just yet. When my turn came to present, I was already a nervous wreck. To compound matter, the secretariat change the order of the slides much to the confusion of the chairperson and me. The co-chair asked for a certain data and I gave the wrong ones.  I couldn’t even explain properly the meaning of the statistics in the presentation. My people had to correct me, thank heavens for that. We were chided for not properly prepared and not having full control of the data. It was thoroughly embarrassing.  I felt so sorry for the boss. All the good things she did this year was blotted by my team’s mistakes and lack of readiness. I am sure the scenario would become a benchmark for things not to do in meeting. Disastrous is a mild word. Thank you Mr Murphy for making my day at the highest level. How I wish I could slide down the table and disappear!


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