Thank you people.

Yo, yo.  that’s how I would describe my daughter’s condition these days. One moment she is Ok but when nightime comes she’ll complain of chest pains. After really watching her food intake and taking multitude of medicines, her swollen legs subsided slightly. Today her friends took her for a walk in the park and Alkader. After being cooped up in the house for a month now, she needed the fresh air. We even took her to the mall – on wheelchair.

Keep the spirits up
Keep the spirits up

In November, the doctor will continue to test her durability and the severity of her liver damage before they can put her up on the waiting list for liver transplant. In a way the test would determine her ranking in the donor receiver list.

True testament to her amiability and friendly nature, she is been receiving endless stream of visitors sometimes well into the night. It is a bit of a dilemma too. I cannot chase the visitors away but I need to allow her to rest. Sometime, these are her good friends and it helps to keep her spirits up. Amazingly some of them who turned up hardly knew her before this.They are just a passing acquaintance or Facebook friends. Even her lecturer also came yesterday despite not directly teaching her in any subject in UniKL. I am really grateful to these people. May Allah bless you people. I am truly touched.


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