Day 9, discharged, but…

My daughter was discharged on Thursday, after nine days of hospitalization. As usual the discharging process took a few hours. We were told she can leave around noon, it was not until 9.30pm that we were able to leave the hospital. To compound matter, there was an emergency in the ward around Maghrib, all the nurses had to attend to this patient who eventually died. And my daughter suddenly complain of chest pains. Fortunately it subside after a while. Looking the hospital bill, I can see most  of the charges were for the various tests that were done on her. I cannot imagine what the total would be like if it was Hospital Pantai or Ampang Puteri. I probably could get help  if the CEUPACScare insurance scheme that I have subscribed had not put in an all encompassing escape clause called ” Pre-existing condition”. By virtue of my daughter had been detected and treated with BA 25 years ago, she is conveniently fall under this exclusion to protection clause. And I have been religiously paying the insurance company all these years ( almost 14 years now) for nothing. They should have told me about this exclusion thing when I signed up. I know some company accept pre-existing condition after you make your payment after a certain number of years. Being over 21 years of age, she no longer eligible under my Government guarantee scheme and being recently graduated, she is also no longer under the care of her UniKL. Well,  that’s the way the cookie crumbles!

Her discharge did not mean she is getting better. It was just that the doctors have completed their initial investigations. Her legs swelled so much she had to use my size 8 slippers instead of her normal size 5. At least her condition has somewhat stabilised. Armed with a battery of pills, diet and medication advice, we wheeled her into the car to take her home, grateful that she is discharged from hospital. Her appointment booklet quickly filled with all sorts of follow ups checks and tests. Meaning, they are still evaluating her condition. I was made to understand she is not being listed for transplant just yet. The severity level of her condition is not fully determined yet. Unless and until they have completed that and unless her condition dramatically deteroriates, she won’t be in the list yet. I am positive. Allah would not test His servants with something that he/she cannot handle. On the surface she is taking it well, but underneath, only Allah knows. Her friends and our family are rallying around her to the point we had to slow them down in order for her to rest. Thank you everybody. Thank you social media.

I did not know that UiTM faculty of Medicine is in Selayang until my daughter was admitted to Hospital Selayang and after she was discharged she was asked to go to this Faculty for lung function test. It is located just a kilometre from the Selayang Hospital heading to wards Bandar Baru Selayang, before the Selayang Hotspring.

A brand new complex with currently had more staffs than patients, well that was my impression on Friday when I was there with my daughter. How I wish all our hospitals are like this. Modern, ample parking space, quiet and with courteous staffs. Everything is over within half an hour. The result is 50% capacity, whatever that means, I must make it a point to ask the consultant next time around. The technician said he is in no position to explain. By 11.00am I was back at the office.






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