Ward 10D, Bed 3 – 8th day


Today is Hari raya Aidiladha.  Mother and sister in law with their families are in town. What to do, I do not have a big abode to accommodate them. We have to make do with  what we have. With slight rearrangement of the furniture surely we can fit in all 16 of us in the house. After all in the olden days whenever there is a wedding or Hari raya, everybody will come back home with their respective families and we would sleep anywhere in the kampung house. It was all part of the family spirit. To live in a hotel is unthinkable and definitely would be frowned upon.

After aidiladha prayer we head up for Selayang Hospital. I had to give the Qurban event in the surau a miss. There was already four visitors crowding around her bed. With additional ten coming, the cubicle is getting too small. Despite not being able to spend Aidiladha at home, she seemed happy with the visit. Except for the swollen legs, she looked much better. The antibiotic regime is still on. The fever had subsided but the athritic pain is still there.We left around 3pm.

We came again at night. She is complaining of back pain and running a slight temperature. I do not think the doctor would release her anytime soon. By 9.45pm we let her rest. We’ll see what happen tomorrow.


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