A second night at the hospital

As I wrote earlier, on Thursday night I was still waiting for the operation. The nurse told me it might be tomorrow morning. On Friday morning, I was given a thorough check up to see whether I am fit to undergo the operation. Being a diabetic, they had to be extra careful with me. So that morning, the blood sugar count was 8.6, fairly good. Blood pressure was 135/80. Fair. Two more tests to be done, cardiograph and X-ray. Both were done within two hours and by 12.00 noon I was told to change and wheeled into the extremely cold operating theatre around 12.30. It was so cold I thought I was going to be exported as a meat product. The personnel in the theatre (ever wonder why it is called a theatre? Is every operation a performance?) were very polite and cordial, I can’t really tell how many of them. One of them was kind enough to advise me to say the syahadah and salawat before covering my face with oxygen mask (or was it the gas that put me to sleep). That was the last thing I remember.

I  woke up in the recovery room. The wall clock said 1.45pm. Wow, it took almost one hour. The first thing i thought was the numbness  of my tongue and the dull throbbing pain on my neck. By the time I was wheeled back to my ward, I have fully regained my consciousness. Hopefully I can be discharged soon. Unfortunately, the doctors cannot make any decision until the specialist came along and he was nowhere around until the Saturday morning. Another night in the ward.

On Saturday morning, the specialist came and pronounced that I was fit to go home, they need the bed for a more deserving patient. But I was given a five-day medical leave so that I can have the wound cleaned up everyday. But I still cannot leave the hospital until the necessary documentation is done. And I left the hospital only by 5pm – after a three-hour wait. I was told to come back for assessment of the healing process next Friday. Alhamdulillah, thank you everybody, now back to looking after my ailing daughter.

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