Teachers have too much work and too little time???

A day after the Malaysian Education Blueprint 2013-2025 was launched, I saw this letter in the Star. The teacher was lamenting  or complaining about having to come to work at 10.30am in the morning two or three times a week to attend meetings or supervise co-curricular activities  even though he/she (I did not get the gender)  is teaching in the afternoon session which officially started at noon. He/she had to stand in the hot sun every day at the school gate to welcome his/her students. in addition she/he  also had to hold a list of other duties especially regarding discipline. Ever so often she had to attend or conduct activities at school or district level, attend or conduct meetings, preparing minutes, reports, doing diagnostics tests, marking papers, and of course taking students attendances. Recently the teacher had to prepare worksheets, mark and file them, input the results into the on line system. The computer labs in the schools are not working, how can the teacher prepare interesting lessons. And finally the teacher said, “as long as teachers are overburdened with paperwork and schools lack basic infrastructure, it will not be possible for us to become better educators and inspire students to want to learn”.

I wonder if the teacher has a smartphone. I wonder if the teacher has  social network account. I wonder if the teacher has a computer and internet connectivity at home. I wonder if the teacher prepare teaching lessons. And above all I wonder if the teacher well and truly understand the real roles and functions of an educator/teacher. I wonder if you can  become an effective teacher without performing all the said tasks? I am truly sorry to hear the teacher dream job has become dreadful. Maybe the teacher should cast his/her mind back to his/her training days where he/she dilligently prepared lessons, analysed students performance, profiled each students performance, attended meetings, took notes, accompanied students for sports or club activities, found ways and means to impress his /her supervisors (hopefully the students as well) with a variety of teaching methods), scoured the resource centres (or the internet) for materials, talked to lecturers, and visited parents without so much a peep. Now they that he/she has become a fully pledged teacher, all these tasks are becoming a burden?

2 thoughts on “Teachers have too much work and too little time???

  1. Dear Enick Megat,

    My name is Warren Leow- and I am a London-based Malaysian. I have been working on an education based social network of my own called Guru-app.

    Essentially, it is a Twitter for students built around localised syllabus. My three pillars of differentiation are: (i) crowd-sourcing of resources (ii) gamification of student experiences (iii) mass distribution via smartphones

    I am wondering if you might be willing to share your experiences on 1Bestarinet and eduwebtv?

    Please let me know if you would be willing to help out a self-funded Malaysian entrepreneur who is trying to change the education landscape.

    Best Regards,

    Warren Leow
    skype: leowje

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