Goodbye Nokia

On Thursday, amid the euphoria for the preparation to launch of the Education Blueprint, a small news in the business section of the NST caught my attention – Nokia is selling its mobile phone business to Microsoft .  As the gravity of the news dawned upon us, many thought it was inevitable. When that guy from Microsoft (Delop or something, I think) was appointed as the CEO for Nokia, one could sense something was up. after all Nokia is running Window based smart phones (the Lumia) to revive its flagging smartphones business under heavy onslaught from Samsung’s android. And Microsoft is also in danger of losing its grip on the OS world, again thanks to Android and Google. Having seen less and less people using the PC and notebooks, Microsoft is for the first time in a  along time felt threatened. As more and more people switching to smart phones and tablets running on the android with those funny names like Gingerbread, Jellybeans, Ice cream sandwich, kitkat etc. So Nokia is heading the path Blackberry is heading – oblivion. There you can see, in this fast moving consumer products world, brand loyalty is almost non existent. Customer have no qualms about switching to a new brand that can satisfy their needs. Now Samsung is the pack leader in that area and surprisingly Apple is quite resiliently not that far behind. You never know, tomorrow it maybe Huawei, now that the Chinese brand has made its intention clear. Now I wonder if Microsoft is going to continue running the Lumia brand name. We can reminisce about the good old soap bar Nokia 3310, which has been declared as the best hand phone of all times ( so far that is). I do believe this phone will become a cult object among hand phone enthusiasts.


RIP nokia phone
RIP nokia phone



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