Oh no, not another unscheduled water disruption

On the way back last night, the newsreader told me of another possible water disruption in seven areas in the Klang valley. And the reason was – diesel contamination. My first reaction – oh no not again. Apparently a diesel tanker tanked near the water supply river and the supply is now full of diesel. And SYABAS has to shut down treatment plant 1, 2, 3 and Rantau Panjang. What irked me is event like this is predictable and I am sure there is some sort of built in filter system to separate the diesel from the water. Basic chemistry will you water and oil do not mix and can be separated. Knowing the habit of our people who treats the river as their convenient rubbish dump, our rivers are constantly contaminated with all sorts contaminants. SYABAS should be prepared for this.


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