Good bye Ramadan

I have not written much about Ramadan this year. I have also given up setting up KPIs for Ramadan, since I have never able to achieve them. This year’s Ramadan flew by like a Shinkansen or a TGV. I  spent more days breaking fast outside rather than at home. Even on the first two days of fasting I was already out there somewhere. All in the line of duty. Not that I am complaining though.

So, when wife the booked our flight back to her home town earlier than usual, I saw it as a blessing. I got to spend four days enjoying Ramadan with the family. So here I am in Kuching, on early Aidil fitri leave. I just came back from visiting the Ramadan Bazaar and I noticed that I can still buy three reasonably big pieces of kuih for a ringgit. Three pieces of medium sized kembung masak kicap, three kurma telur, and pajeri kedondong cost me RM14. That is something of a rarity in KL these days. The last time I checked, in Taman Melawati, most of the kuih is selling for two ringgit for a pack of five or fifty sen each. And the size is so tiny even the tiny minah bird can polish them in one gulp. I was wondering, why is it in places like Alor, Setar, kota Baru, Kuala Terengganu and even Kuching and Kota Kinabalu the price of kuih in the Ramadan Bazaar are cheaper than in KL?  It used to be expensive in Kuching in the early nineties as compared to KL, but not anymore. The way I see it , it is profiteering plain and simple. After all basic foodstuffs like flour, sugar, cooking oil are more expensive in Kuching than in KL.

Since it is Syawal is coming in two days time, I am hoping to capitalise on my lost Ramadan days. At least I am hoping to improve my Quran recitation to a better stage than last year. This could be my last Ramadan. My sincere apologies to everyone.


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