Ramadan and the loyalty to the “First Agong”

This  Ramadan is rather unusual fro me. For a start , i had to spend the first two days of Ramadan in Kuching. Actually it was not so bad, I got the chance to break my fast with my mother in law, which I have not done for a very long time. One thing I noticed, the tarawih prayer in the surau nearby still done in the ‘old’ way. Old, I mean, the way it was done in my kampung back in the 60s and 70s,  with 20 rakaats with shorts surahs, salawats without any interruptions of tazkirah or tahlils and end up with a good hearty moreh.  By 10pm it was all over and every body went home happy to start another Ramadan day. A few things struck me, in my neighbourhood, all the suraus are scramblings head over heels to get at least a hafiz to lead the tarawih. Not to mention the proliferation of ramadan bazaars  with food prices rising to a monstrous level. I wrote about this before, people selling food in Ramadan bazaars should at least try to get  as much blessings as possible from Allah, not only trying to get only as much money as possible. I heard some people who won the trading spots re-rented the Ramadan bazaar spot for lots and lots of money, it was unbelievable. Despite numerous tazkirahs, kuliah subuh, kuliah duha, kuliah zuhur and media religious sermons, people loyalty to the “First Agong” is inceasingly evident.


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