The other day I chanced upon a very amusing article in The Sun. The writer was complaining about the increasing malady of people stating the obvious, something what he called “obviousilitis” – stating the obvious. There is a notice on the package of biscuits “Please consume after opening”.  Then there is a question asked to a  wet motoryclist, “is it raining outside?”. Of course you have to open the packet before you can consume anything and you do not think the motorcyclist was taking a shower in his clothes!. Sometimes people are so ignorant you have to state the obvious repeatedly. “Please flush after use”, “Please use the overhead bridge”, Please switch off your mobile phones”, These are signs that you often see that really stating what is really obvious, but then Malaysians are a weird lot. You have to be afflicted with obviousilitis to remind them of things that they should naturally do.


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