Bazar Karat (Rusty Market), Ipoh

Perak deserved a pat in the back for moving the famous old Bazar Lam Loking to the current Memory Lane or better known as Pasar Karat (rusty market) to the locals. I have been meaning to visit the market for quite some time but never got round to it.  You couldn’t believe what you can find in the market. People sells and buys just about anything. I cannot believe there are hundreds of used Nokia 3310s, 3315, Startecs, Motor Razr for sale complete with charger cables, batteries and ear pieces.  A piece of good old Gillette shaver that used to be lying around in the house in my kampung was priced at RM20.00!. They were rusty hoes, spades, axes, machetes, music cartridges (remember them?), whistles, film cameras, bottles, nail clippers, antique cameras, wheel guards, magazines, posters, vinyl records,  bottle caps, rusty BMX, and  I  even found  pieces of  science slide films from the 70s. All very nostalgic. I did not buy anything though. My daughter bought a Beatles CD complete with jewel case for RM50.00. Definitely a hefty sum for an unplayable disc, I would say. But then she was into the Beatles like nobody’s business. They used to say, in the old days, if you lost your shoes in the mosques during Friday prayers, go to the Bazar and there was a very strong likelihood that you would find your shoes being sold there.


You can find almost anything old sold here
You can find almost anything old sold here


Unfortunately, not everyth












Unfortunately, there are some tables selling underwater Samsung Galaxy Note iv, new toys, and fruits, which are rather out of place. Reminds me of the the car boots sales in Scotland, except  here they even  sell the car boots ! So if you think you going to throw away that  unused items in the store under your stairs such as computer cables, chargers, phones cases, or broken knives, old hand bags, luggage, paper bags, pamphlets, you better think again. You might make a few bobs if you bring them to sell at  the Bazar Karat, ipoh.



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