What is going on with our water supply?

Today is the third time in these few months water supply to the house is disrupted. Now I am beginning to believe that this is a ruse employed by Syabas to force the people to pressure the Selangor government to agree to the Langat II water project. But of course the argument by Selangor government has its merits. Syabas should in the first place reduce percentage of the non revenue water (NRW) significantly by plugging all those leaks. At the same time, the number of water thefts especially big time thefts should be curbed significantly. Just by doing these, the water supply can lasts us way past 2020. So said the Selangor Government. Syabas on the other hand disputed these, saying that they have done all they can to reduce NRW as per their contract requirement. Even if the NRW can be plugged to 20%, the demand for water would be so high in the Klang valley, the current supply of treated water won’t be enough to meet the demand. So the key point is treated water not just water. The dams maybe overflowing but the plants to treat them are not up to mark. We may build tunnel to draw water from Pahang but if the treatment plant is not able to treat the water, it will be pointless. I believe it is all about the scramble of the economic cakes. The billion ringgit Langat 2 project is a huge chunk of the cake and many parties want to get a slice. It is OK if it is just a slice, but a huge slice to be monopolised by a small few is not a good thing. To compound matters, water business in the Klang Valley is a complex business involving parties such as Syabas, ABAS, and Splash.

As a consumer, I don’t care. Be it Selangor government, Federal government, Syabas, ABAS, Splash or whatever. Please solve it ASAP. I want to take a bath, I want to pee, I want to ****k. I never shirked my duty in paying my water bill so why are being punished?


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