What a boring season

Almost all the major leagues of Europe for the 2012-13 football season end up with with run away leaders clinching  their titles with games to spare unlike last season where the champions were determined by the slimmest of margins. Man U won the EPL with 4 games to go. Likewise, Bayern  won the Bundesliga as if the other teams were second class. In Italy,  juventus is almost certain to win the serie A and Barcelona despite their Champions League hiccup is also almost certain would run away with the La Liga title. Probably PSG is having a bit of a bother in Ligue 1 but on the whole they should be able to clinch it. Maybe that is the reason why the match between Swansea and Man City end up with 0-0. Very boring.Both had nothing else to fight.

Congratulations to Cardiff. I hope Vincent Tan would continue to insist the Blue birds  carry the word “Malaysia” on their kit. It is going to be a great advert fo Malaysia. With QPR relegated, at least Malaysia still has a rep in the EPL. I have no sympathy for QPR. They deserve to be relegated. My fervent hope is that Nottm Forest can win a playoff place and put up a good fight for promotion.


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