There, I have done it.

After months of speculations, posturings,  psyche war,lots of  money, finally the election day came today. I went to the polling station in Wangsa Melawati around 10am. As usual there are fleet of transport available for supporters of various parties to ferry voters to the polling station. Maybe due to the presence of armed police force close to the station, the situation is very peaceful. There was not any last minute cajoling and persuading  as i walked to the polling station. Only the guy from PKR booth was asking me to check my polling channel and serial number. I declined knowing that I can easily check that at the counter. I think this is partly due to new EC regulations forbidding parties canvassing for votes within 50m of the polling stations. Unlike in the previous elections where the last minute canvassing was intense, chaotic and boisterous. At the counter I was told to go to the second floor. By the look of it, i think the channel was assigned according to the age of the voters. Those past the retirement age and senior citizens would be in channel 1 in the ground floor. Younger voters would be assigned to the third floor on channel 4 and 5. Mine was on the first floor. The queue was already long.





Many were complaining that the EC should have done something to reduce the waiting time. All hot and sweaty. I had to wait for more than one hour before I came to  the police woman manning the entry and shown the first table to check my ID. No Bangla here.  Then I have to show my 10 fingers to the second clerk to check whether I have voted somewhere else, if that is the case, one of my fingers would have been tainted with the ink. I asked whether I can choose which finger to be inked. The lady said I can but mostly she would ink the forefinger of the left hand. So the dark blue ink was brushed on my left forefinger and the next clerk gave me the ballot paper. Only two candidates. I went to the booth, say Bismillah and pray that whoever I chose would be blessed by Him to help to bring peace, prosperity and stability to the nation. Crossed across the candidate name and party, fold the paper and drop it into the perspex box. We in the Federal Territory vote only for Parliamentarians, no State Legislative councils members. And I walked out of the room with the partly dried dark blue  ink smudging my wallet as I tried to slide my IC back into the wallet. So the quick dry ink  is not so quick after all. Curiously many voters tried to wash off the ink from their fingers at the the taps near the staircase. Maybe they were influenced by all these social media talks about the ink can be washed off. The ink stayed. I am sure the school would be paying extra water bill this month. So I have done my duty as a rightful citizen. Now for the results tonight. Whoever form the government tonight, please grant us a holiday tomorrow. Please.



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