Final lap, one hour to go

Today is the last day of the GE13 campaigning period. I have never seen a more keen elections, at least in terms of poster wars. I was in Terengganu two days ago, the poster wars gave an air of festivities to the election campaign. Imagine the whole stretch of the four lane carriageway from Kuala Ibai to Marang was adorned with all sorts of posters and party flags molded into replicas of tanks, planes, helicopters, submarines and…a diamond ring!!!. I cannot imagine the joy filling the hearts of silk screen and poster printers, I reckon the jobs that they got for this election would surely tide them up until the next election in five years’ time. Not to mention the supporting industries like logistics, cranes (yes I saw a huge crane being parked in the middle of the road to hang all those fancy posters in various formations), strings, clothes, t-shirts, inks, caps etc. Actually the election campaign period is definitely good for the economy. The feel good factor is there, despite some overzealous supporters and troublemakers, the whole air of festivities prevailed.

The printers made a killing printing these party flags and buntings

A few minutes ago, I went to check on the last rally by the ruling party in my area. It was only about 700m from my home. I can even hear the loud speakers blaring and the streets were packed with cars bearing the party flags. Each candidate was given about 7-8 minutes to pitch his case. All the four candidates for Gombak, Setiawangsa, Hulu Kelang and Bukit antarabangsa (I think) came with their entourage of 4WDs, SUVs, MPVs and of course a cotterie of Mat rempits chanting party slogans. All in good spirit, even with the opposition PR team putting up its own booth 5m metres away, showing videos of UAI sermons with speakers blaring in full volume. All very civilised, albeit a bit playfully childish.

With the campaign period set to end in half an hours time, the campaign vehicles are still roaming the streets. Even during hari raya we do not have this kind of festivities anymore. I am just wondering where all the money for these campaign came from?

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