At last the silly season is here

I cannot help commenting on the current election fever that is gripping the nation. When I was in Lumut a month back, the scenic route back from Manjung to Sg Ayer Tawar, Bota, Kampong Gajah, Tanjung Tualang was bedecked with flags and bunting in deep blue, light blue, green and white  and a bit of red here and there. I wonder what happen to myriads of other colours available? I also wonder are our voters are so dumb that  they cannot recognise which symbol is for which party and there is an actual need to tell voters that this is the symbol for the various parties? How many percent of the registered voters do not know the symbols and colours of the main political parties in this beloved country of ours? So back to my question whether is any real need to adorn the roadsides to the brim until you cannot see the road signs anymore with party flags? After all the unofficial election campaign has been going on for years, voters should have recognised each party even with the flags were already torn to shreds. But my political friends tell me it is not so much for identification but it is a sign of presence and intention. Show of strength. Parties with a lot of flags and buntings all over the place indicates their strong presence in the area. “Look man we are here, take notice, we  seriously need your vote, do not forget us when you vote”  kind of message. For the life of me I think it is so 60s and 70s. Voters these days, I think,  will look at other aspects to decide not so much on flags and buntings alone. Maybe the funds for bunting and flags could be better utilised for a more meaningful vote getting purposes.

election posters – are they really necessary? 

Maybe that is why your Facebook pages has been inundated with all sorts of political postings. This is the new battle fronts especially  for the poorer parties. All  you need is several tech savvy cyber troopers who would do your battle in cyber space. After all many young voters spend so much time on line. Go and grab their attention.

With nomination day concluded today,  the day of “menang tanpa bertanding” due technical reasons is over. As it was announced at noon today, none of the seat was won uncontested. Kudos to the EC. So get ready folks, they don’t call it the silly season for nothing.


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